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    Protecting your home, around the roofline area…

    The roofline of your house which consist of the fascia boards, soffits and bargeboards and possibly gable ends are one of the most vulnerable areas of your home as they are exposed to the worst of our famous British weather conditions

    Making sure your Roofline is in great shape

    Exposed to all weather conditions. Hazards such as blocked gutters result in water overflowing onto the timber fascia, causing them to rot. There is an answer to the problem – a permanent cure which not only removes the worry of expensive replacement of rotten timbers but eliminates permanently the need for re-painting. Shropshire Cladding products are made from pvc-ue, and are low maintenance, durable and robust. The material is ideal for those parts of a building which have to resist sun, rain, frost and wind. Rotten roofline and cladding systems which are replaced with maintenance-free pvc-ue not only look stylish but they will protect your property from the elements. As Shropshire Cladding only deal with a full refurbishment, all rotten timbers are removed, timber bearers are inspected and treated, roof felt is renewed and importantly, ventilation is added to the eaves, leaving your property not only looking refreshed but protected for many years to come.

    uPVC Bargeboard replacement

    These boards provide a decorative finish to the gable ends. Wherever possible, the box-end corners are installed using a deep board to reduce the amount of joints ensuring a neat finish.

    uPVC Cladding

    The uPVC cladding is designed to replicate the timber cladding and is available in a wide choice of colours to suit all properties.

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